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notoriously nice™

Yikes! I hope your medical things are minor and quickly resolved.

What do you think about Six Apart selling out? It's THE topic of conversation among my remaining TypePad friends. Do we stay or do we go? I'll stick around until the end of the year because it's paid for. After that...?

Looking for Zen

Well, the doctor is going to take out what he put in to make me well... and the less said about that the better. I know that men are such delicate creatures. :-)

The Typepad thing was rather shocking to me. I mean, the time to sell was probably a few years ago. I have never heard of this new company and I can not think that 6A actually got a great deal of money for the platform. I mean, blogging, though still popular with the devoted, is sort of out with the young'uns. It's all about (horror of horror) Facebook and, more or less, Twitter. But then, what do I know.

I use Wordpress more, but I have always said to anyone who will listen, that I always found 6A products the most superior. The main people yammering on about how great WP is are the people who, I am certain, have never used a 6A blog. Two totally different animals. It was a huge learning curve for me. Plus, many of the great things about Typepad are not and have never been available in any form on WP.

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