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San Francisco??!?

And I assume we will get a chance to meet in person then? Right? I promise I won't take any pictures (of you) if you don't want me to.

And Iceland Air has some gooooood deals on their site right now. I'm looking to go this summer too. I think.


[this is good] Glad to hear that you want to come out to San Francisco! You might want to move here after you visit. Please let me know if you make it out here, Ray and I would love to meet you. 


I can arrange a little gathering perhaps? It's been done before!



Of course!  I would love to finally meet you all!  I haven't had the opportunity to be in SF in several years and I miss it so much!

Lilia:  Do you think Ray would make me his famous fish tacos?!?!

And Patty, you are correct: no photos! :-)


I'm late, but hope your daughter's graduation was enjoyable!  San Francisco is one of my favorite cities also - I won;t to get out there this year!  I feel you on the cost of travel these days.  Putting a damper on my planned Aussie trip.... I want to stay 2 weeks but gonna have to par the days downs.

Departing for the Bahamian cruise this weekend - it better be fun damn it!

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